Contactless Payment Vending Machines

At Selecta, all our innovative machines and Express HUB Micromarkets come with contactless payment technology.

So, your people can pay for their favourite refreshments without having to press any buttons or handle payment devices.

Our intuitive contactless payment technology is so popular with users, 60% of all transactions through our machines are now cashless.

Contactless Payment Vending Machines

Why use contactless payment?

Not only is contactless payment convenient but it’s also hygienic. Our cashless payment machines have no touchpoints, so it’s the COVID-19-secure solution for shared office spaces and campuses.

Plus, they’re compatible with contactless cards, chip cards and mobile payment apps like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Wallet, so your people can enjoy their favourite refreshments effortlessly.

Contactless payment readers can even be customised to your needs – for example, offering vend tokens to visitors and employees, with a compatible sticker or card fitted with a data chip.

The hygienic solution

Our contactless payment technology is compatible with all our machines. So, if you’re looking to offer a hygienic catering option for your people, we’re here to help. And if you have an existing Selecta machine, we can retrofit cashless payment technology, too.

Browse our selection of vending solutions or get in touch with us today to find out how cashless vending can work for your business.

Telemetry technology

Our solutions also come equipped with telemetry technology, which gives us access to real-time sales and inventory data from your machines.

This allows us to make sure your machines are always fully-stocked with your employees’ favourite refreshments.

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