Schaerer Coffee Art Plus machine

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus

Give your customers the opportunity to help themselves with a table-top coffee solution that gives you total peace of mind. Ideal for high volume self-serve locations, the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus:

  • Produces complete drinks at the touch of a button.
  • Has no need to refilling or emptying the tray during busy periods thanks to a high volume hopper extension and drop through grounds tray accessories.
  • Includes on-screen, step-by-step cleaning instructions for fast and easy maintenance.

Technical and menu information

Dimensions    Menu
Width 420mm Espresso, Double Espresso
Depth 538mm Ristretto, Americano
Height 668mm White Americano, Flat White
Power Single phase (30 amp)         

Cappuccino, Latte

Daily throughput 250-300 Mocha (on request)
    Hot Chocolate (only with chocolate module)




*Only with a chocolate module


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