Reserve Simplicity

Fully automatic, fresh milk machines make it easy for you to offer great-tasting coffee for all manner of self-serve locations.

Great self serve coffee with our Reserve Simplicity solution

Ideal for self-serve locations

Our Reserve Simplicity solution makes it easy for you to offer great-tasting coffee to your customers thanks to our range of fully automatic, fresh milk coffee machines and high-quality coffee beans.

  • High-quality blends
  • Automatic tabletop machines provide a high volume of quality drinks
  • Fresh milk for an authentic coffee shop taste

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Pelican Rouge coffee blends

  • Pelican Rouge 1863 A dark roasted, 100% Arabica blend with a mellow profile
  • Pelican Rouge Doppio (Fairtrade) This Fairtrade blend is intensely roasted, promoting a rich and bold taste profile
  • Pelican Rouge Barista A characteristic blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee with a full-bodied flavour
  • Pelican Rouge Concerto A mellow, medium-bodied blend with a well-balanced smooth flavour

Our fully automatic tabletop coffee machines

From a market-leading manufacturer, our tabletop, fresh milk machines are tried, tested and easy to use.

Our Service

  • Coffee machine set up Our team will optimally set up your coffee machine to allow you to consistently deliver quality coffee
  • Maintenance Our technical engineers are employed directly by us and will perform first time fixes where possible
  • Training and support Our professional baristas can provide helpful support and training
  • Effortless reordering Reorder ingredients through our Ireland wholesale team. Call 01 841 6266
  • Dedicated account manager Our customers each have their own dedicated account manager who works in partnership with them

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