Reserve Professional

Consistent taste and theatre and flair – serve your customers high quality coffee with our semi-automatic tabletop coffee machines.

Deliver consistent taste and quality with our Reserve Professional solution

Great tasting coffee, reliability and theatre

Our Reserve Professional solution allows your staff to continuously serve quality, great-tasting coffee with added theatre and flair. We will ensure you get the reliability and support you require.

  • High-quality coffee blends
  • Easy-to-use, reliable semi-automatic table-top coffee machines
  • Professional set up, staff training and effortless reordering

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Pelican Rouge coffee blends

  • Pelican Rouge 1863 A dark roasted, 100% Arabica blend with a mellow profile
  • Pelican Rouge Doppio (Fairtrade) This Fairtrade blend is intensely roasted, promoting a rich and bold taste profile
  • Pelican Rouge Barista A characteristic blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee with a full-bodied flavour
  • Pelican Rouge Concerto A mellow, medium-bodied blend with a well-balanced smooth flavour

Our Reserve Professional coffee machines

Our machines are tried and tested from a market-leading manufacturer and are reliable and easy-to-use.

Professional, reliable service

  • Coffee machine set up Our skilled team will set up your coffee machine so you can serve quality coffee to your customers.
  • Expert maintenance Our technical engineers will perform first time fixes where possible.
  • Professional training support Our friendly baristas will provide you the support and training you require.
  • Effortless reordering Reorder ingredients through our Ireland wholesale team. Call 01 841 6266.
  • Dedicated account manager Our customers each have a dedicated account manager who works in partnership with them.

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