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Make your guests’ stay extra special with our Specialist Coffee Services, range of coffee machines and managed vending solutions.

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Delivering high quality experiences

Helping you make the day work. We understand that in order to remain competitive, hotels must deliver high quality experiences to a critical audience.

To deliver a superior experience, you need to provide a quality coffee that makes a difference to your guests’ stay. We make it easy for you to achieve this by providing a Specialist Coffee Service, vending solutions, expertise and support you need to ensure you consistently deliver high quality coffee, hot drinks and snacks to your guests.

We know that you need different solutions for different environments. For instance, you may require a self-serve coffee machine for a breakfast buffet and a semi-automatic coffee machine in the restaurant. We offer a choice of managed services and machines to suit all manner of requirements.  

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Our coffee machines

Our professional hotel coffee machines enable you to serve high quality coffee to guests, effortlessly. Each machine is specifically designed to suit a range of different applications, powered by the latest technology.

Our hotel coffee machines

  • Self-serve coffee machines
    Self-serve coffee machines Discover our self-serve coffee machines for hotels, ideal for breakfast buffets and events, all supported by our industry-leading service.
  • Semi-automatic coffee machines
    Semi-automatic coffee machines Our semi-automatic machines offer the theatre and flair of a barista machine and are ideal for high volume locations.
  • Barista coffee machines
    Barista coffee machines For baristas serious about their coffee, our commercial barista machines allow you to serve great-tasting coffee to your guests.

Vending Machines

Our reliable vending machines all meet the needs of today’s consumer. Our snacks and cold drinks ranges have been selected using consumer insight and the latest market trends, ensuring your customers will have access to choices they love.

Our Range of Vending Options

  • Coffee & hot drinks vending
    Coffee & hot drinks vending Discover our selection of instant and bean to cup coffee vending machines, providing instant hassle-free coffee and hot drinks for your guests.
  • Cold drinks & snacks vending
    Cold drinks & snacks vending Utilising the latest technology, our vending machines serve cold drinks and snacks products from the brands consumers love.
  • Healthy vending
    Healthy vending For more health-conscious consumers, we offer our Healthier Choice product range, with options including cereal bars and sugar-free drinks.
Quality coffee for your hotel

Your specialist service

Whether you require a professional coffee machine to deliver 5-star room service or need a self-serve machine that can handle heavy usage during breakfast, we have the right solution for you.

Coffee is central to everything we do. Our passion is to create the perfect cup of coffee. We provide this to you thanks to our Pelican Rouge brand. Established over 150 years ago, our coffee is expertly crafted by our roaster in the Netherlands.

However, we know your guests also appreciate other quality hot drinks, including fresh teas and creamy hot chocolate, which is why those are included too.

Our Specialist Coffee Service provides you with the tools and support necessary to deliver exceptional coffee, every day. With expert setup, staff training and a dedicated account manager, we can help you make the day work.

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snacks and cold drinks vending machines

Managed vending

Full, clean and working machines are imperative in order to keep your guests happy and satisfied. Thankfully, we have 14 depots located across the UK and Ireland, providing a local service on a national scale.

To make sure your vending machines stay in the best condition, we provide either a fully managed service or a technical service for those wishing to manage their machines themselves.

Utilising the latest technology, our experts are able to proactively perform preventative maintenance on your machines. However, should your machine break down, our locally based technicians will aim to undertake first-time fixes wherever possible to keep downtime to a minimum.


Discover how we can support your hotel
with coffee & vending solutions

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Interested in Selecta’s products and services? Fill out this short form and one of our experts will be in touch shortly. Or you can send us an email or call us on 01 841 6266.

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Training your hotel baristas

To make sure your resturant and bar baristas have the skills required to create great-tasting hot drinks, we offer expert training and retraining. Whether installation support or complete support is required, our experts are ready to help.

We take a partnership approach with our relationships and value strong communication. Our 14 depots across the UK and Ireland means we can offer a national service with the benefit of local teams. This means our merchandisers and responsive technical staff are there when you need them.

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