2017 - The Year of Coffee Culture

We’re a nation of coffee experts - more interested than ever in what we eat and drink. We know our ground coffee from our whole bean, our latte from our flat white and people are entering coffee shops armed with the knowledge to choose high quality, ethically sourced coffee.

And that’s not all. Coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s an experience. And we have millennials to thank. A generation concerned with experience over price, they’re driving the demand for premium coffee on the go. In fact, convenience is the number one emerging coffee trend for 2017*.

But it’s not just access to any coffee – it has to be fresh, great tasting, branded coffee.

This change reflects what we and our clients have been seeing in the industry - 78% of the ones we surveyed said they’d spotted the growing trend towards premium coffee in their organisations. This has become possible due to advances in milk technology meaning you can have coffee from a machine without compromising on taste. 

And as more and more millennials enter the workplace, how we work is changing. Their expectations of work are different to the generation before; they want the flexibility that agile working affords, as well as to feel valued and to understand how their role in an organisation contributes to the overall vision. These are far bigger motivating factors than pay.

They’re also concerned by their physical environment. Open spaces with comfortable seating, opportunities to collaborate, or work alone, supplied with a constant stream of great tasting, premium coffee.

This coincides with a general trend for all things Scandinavian. In 2016 we heard a lot about Hygge – the Danish way of living well but 2017 will be all about Fika. It’s a Swedish and Finnish concept that basically means "to have coffee", often accompanied with biscuits, pastries or sandwiches. In Sweden Fika is law and brings employees together over coffee, creating a community. 

So, many businesses are looking to the coffee shop model as inspiration - spaces with a mixture of tables, armchairs, counters, quiet areas, free Wi-Fi, and access to premium branded coffee. We call this coffee culture. And it’s this culture that will inspire workplaces of the future as companies recognise not everyone wants to work in the same way. 

Organisations who have responded to their employees’ desire for a different way of working report increases in productivity and engagement as people feel that they have not only been listened to but that their employer values them enough to invest in creating environments they love to work in. It’s also a great way of attracting new talent. 

And, research by Gallup found that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%. Connecting or re-connecting with colleagues will become even more important as pressure grows on us all to be more productive.

Finally, it’s not just office workers who expect convenient access to great tasting, premium coffee. Workers, in factories, labs, schools, etc want easy access to quality coffee as well, and while coffee culture can’t be implemented into all workplaces such as factory floors, it could be easily achieved in break rooms on a smaller scale. 

So, the trends predicted for 2017 present huge opportunities to businesses to create cultures that stimulate collaboration and productivity, all centred around a range of great-tasting, branded coffees. 

Take a look at our handy infographic that summarises our predictions for 2017 to help you inform your coffee decision making for the year ahead.

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*According to latest research from Allegra Strategies