FOODIE’S MicroMarket

Eating at work has never been easier and more convenient.


Enjoy delicious and healthy meals, snacks and drinks any time with a FOODIE'S MicroMarket

Healthy food, tasty snacks and refreshing drinks - FOODIE'S MicroMarkets reinvent food in the workplace.

The fresh approach to office food

FOODIE'S MicroMarkets are reinventing the way businesses think about food and drink for their employees. Our 24/7, self-service markets provide fresh, delicious meals on demand. Energise your staff with delicious snacks, meals and drinks at any time with your very own, perfectly integrated FOODIE'S MicroMarket.

Join the modern workplace with a FOODIE'S MicroMarket

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Benefits of a FOODIE'S MicroMarket

  • 1. Energised Staff Delicious meals to keep your employees happy and productive.
  • 2. Available 24/7 Employees have access to fresh meals any time, on demand.
  • 3. Easy Payment Simple and secure payments using the latest cashless technology.
  • 4. Custom fit The FOODIE'S MicroMarket modular design offers customised options for any office space.
  • 5. Hassle-free Maintenance We take care of installation, maintenance and restocking so you don't have to.

Discover why employees love FOODIE'S MicroMarket

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Here is why your employees will love FOODIE'S MicroMarket.

How it works: We make office lunches simple and hassle-free

  • 1. Installation Simply provide us with an internet connection and some space. We'll handle the rest!
  • 2. Restocking We restock your FOODIE'S MicroMarket every day with a range of fresh, delicious meals, drinks & snacks.
  • 3. Payment Our automated, touchscreen payment system supports the latest cashless payment options.
  • 4. Security Your MicroMarket is equipped with the latest security technology to protect against theft.
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FOODIE'S MicroMarket: The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in FOODIE’S MicroMarkets but still have some questions? This article answers our 10 most frequently asked questions.

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FOODIE'S combines the quality and choice of a canteen with the convenience of vending machines

The best of both canteens and vending machines – reinvented with FOODIE’S MicroMarket.
FOODIE’S combines the best from both worlds

Create a modern workplace for happy and engaged employees

FOODIE'S MicroMarket
FOODIE'S MicroMarket - Employee happiness
MicroMarket FOODIE'S
FOODIE'S MicroMarket - office lunch
Great variety
Fresh meals 24/7
Easy payment
Modern technology allows easy and simple payment
The easy way to enjoy healthy eating at work.
The easy way to enjoy healthy eating at work.
Vitamin Boost
Employee wellbeing

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