Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines

In addition to providing excellent tasting coffee, our semi-automatic coffee machines introduce the showmanship and theatrical element of creating an outstanding cup of coffee.

Flavoursome finesse in each and every cup

Our semi-automatic barista-style coffee machines are designed to make it easy to create delicious coffee in each and every cup. Enjoy the theatre that goes into the event, as your employees are able to consistently deliver excellent coffee without needing extensive specialist training beforehand.

The technology in our semi-automatic machines enables users to automatically create a variety of speciality coffee, from bold and flavoursome Americanos to fluffy and creamy cappuccinos. The machines are able to cope with a high demand, and can be programmed to manage the temperature of the milk and even perform regular cleaning cycles. Capabilities such as this enable your servers to concentrate on offering superior customer service.

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High quality coffee blends

  • Pelican Rouge 1863
    Pelican Rouge 1863 A dark roasted, 100% Arabica blend with a mellow profile
  • Pelican Rouge Doppio (Fairtrade)
    Pelican Rouge Doppio (Fairtrade) This Fairtrade blend is intensely roasted, promoting a rich and bold taste profile
  • Pelican Rouge Barista
    Pelican Rouge Barista A characteristic blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee with a full-bodied flavour
  • Pelican Rouge Concerto
    Pelican Rouge Concerto A mellow, medium-bodied blend with a well-balanced smooth flavour
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Our Service & Support

You can rely on us at Selecta to provide you with ample support and service, in order to enable you to supply excellent coffee each and every day.

With 14 depots across the UK and Ireland, a technician is never too far away in the event of a breakdown or fault. Plus, with a dedicated account manager, you can rest assured that support is always available at the other end of the phone.

All of our engineers are hired directly by us, and are expertly trained to keep your coffee

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