Table Top Coffee Machines

Our fully automatic, table top coffee machines deliver a quality coffee experience with a touch of luxury. Bean to cup coffee, fresh milk and modern machines - the perfect solution for self-serve locations serious about their coffee. 

Fully automatic, self-serve coffee machines

Our range of attractive table top coffee machines are fully automatic and easy to use. Ideal for self-serve locations, your staff and visitors can effortlessly help themselves to quality bean to cup coffee with fresh milk, satisfying their needs and making them feel valued.

Whether you're looking to offer great-tasting coffee to hotel guests, event attendees, staff, or customers in busy locations, our modern machines and quality coffee blends will help you to continually serve quality hot drinks and maximise sales in busy locations.

Below you will find a sample of the table top machines we offer. For more information about our table top coffee machine offering, speak to us today.

  • Schaerer Coffee Soul
    Schaerer Coffee Soul The Schaerer Coffee Soul is a popular self-serve machine. Making use of specialised technology, it can effortlessly create high quality milk-based drinks for your customers who crave coffee shop quality.
  • Schaerer Coffee Art Plus
    Schaerer Coffee Art Plus Complete drinks at the touch of a button. The Schaerer Coffee Art Plus is the ideal hassle-free machine for busy locations thanks to its high volume hopper extension and drop through grounds tray accessories.
  • Coffetek Vitro X3
    Coffetek Vitro X3 The Vitro X3 is a machine that provides great tasting hot drinks from a modern compact design. The Vitro X3 is a self serve machine with a full range of high street style drinks, including fresh brew tea.
  • Coffetek Vitro X4
    Coffetek Vitro X4 The Vitro X4 combines innovative technology with a variety of great tasting hot drinks. With large capacity canisters this machine is perfect for workplaces that require a higher volume of drinks with a simple touch.

  • Schaerer Coffee Super Steam
    Schaerer Coffee Super Steam Bring the theatre of coffee to your customers with confidence. The Schaerer Coffe Art Superstream has the ability to keep up with your peaks of service without neglecting the quality of milk based drinks.
  • Schaerer Barista
    Schaerer Barista The Schaerer Barista gives you the complete theatre of traditional coffee machines without the need for skilled Barista staff. It is a hybrid machine, having the style of a traditional machine whilst having automatic operation to give consistent quality.
  • Astoria Plus 4 You
    Astoria Plus 4 You The Astoria Plus 4 You traditional barista coffee machine can reduce your operational costs and supports your sustainability goals through reduced energy consumption of up to 47.6%*
  • Astoria C600
    Astoria C600 The Astoria C600 barista machine is best suited for locations with dedicated and experienced barista staff. The Astoria C600 Allows you to add additional services to your menu, such as syrups or a Frappe blender due to its reduced footprint.

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High quality coffee blends

  • Pelican Rouge 1863
    Pelican Rouge 1863 A dark roasted, 100% Arabica blend with a mellow profile
  • Pelican Rouge Doppio (Fairtrade)
    Pelican Rouge Doppio (Fairtrade) This Fairtrade blend is intensely roasted, promoting a rich and bold taste profile
  • Pelican Rouge Barista
    Pelican Rouge Barista A characteristic blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee with a full-bodied flavour
  • Pelican Rouge Concerto
    Pelican Rouge Concerto A mellow, medium-bodied blend with a well-balanced smooth flavour
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Reliable service

To continue serving great tasting coffee at the push of a button, you need a reliable service you can trust. 

Fortunately, we offer a Fully Managed Service on a national scale. With 14 depots located across the UK and Ireland, our local technicians are there when you need them. Our teams will ensure your self-serve machines consistently remain full, clean and working at their best. 

For businesses looking to fill and manage their self-serve coffee machines themselves, we offer our Elite Care Technical Service to keep your machines running as they should. With preventative maintenance and unlimited callouts, our highly skilled engineers offer guaranteed response times you can rely on, ensuring downtime is minimised.