Our great value own label coffee is sourced, blended and roasted to exclusive quality recipes for your business. Our passion is your coffee.

More than just coffee

More than just coffee

Our miofino coffee range is designed to suit a variety of tastes and needs without ever compromising on the quality delivered to your business. With a wide choice of blends and fully branded coffee machines, miofino offers your employees a perfectly served, high quality coffee experience, boosting productivity and engagement within your company.

  • Supporting our community both locally and globally, our coffee is ethically sourced, with certified blends available
  • Available in instant and bean blends, the miofino experience caters directly to your business
  • Our Love Coffee Espresso Bar option puts coffee right at the heart of your company, driving engagement and collaboration

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Coffee with passion

Coffee created through precision and passion

From our full-bodied coffee beans to our instant blends, quality matters to us. This is why our ingredients are carefully sourced, blended and roasted to our exclusive recipes. With caramel and fruity tones, to herbal and spicy flavours, miofino gives a wide variety of choice.

Blended and roasted to Selecta's exclusive recipes

miofino Grande Classico

A full bodied, richly intense blend, lightly roasted for a malty and long peppery aftertaste. Inspired by the tastes of Italy, this espresso provides a powerful kick of energy.

miofino Delizioso Forte

A medium roast with a soft, creamy body and texture, accompanied by a mixture of sweet spices, caramel sweetness and fruity tones. A balanced yet complex blend that can be enjoyed black or with milk. Available as Fairtrade or Utz certified.

miofino Primo

A dark, roasted Fairtrade certified coffee with syrupy undertones, complemented by the sweetness of cocoa and accompanied by a lingering flavour.

Instant coffees

Offering a variety of options, the instant coffees range from mellow to full bodied profiles, with both herbal and spicy notes to roasted hazelnut and dark chocolate tones. Fairtrade and Utz certified available.

miofino Espresso bar

Leading the way in coffee and vending services

Our miofino Premium Collection showcases the latest coffee machines which include fresh milk technology, video options and touch technology to suit the requirements of your business. Focused on great tasting coffee, each machine is calibrated before delivery and set up to perfection, designed to get the best from your chosen coffee blend.

For a truly satisfying coffee experience, our Love Coffee Espresso Bar brings coffee directly to the heart of your company. There’s no need for your employees to leave the office for great coffee, with a variety of flavours, blends and drinks to suit them.

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